Pay As you Go® Plus

A pre-paid business mobile plan for more flexibility...

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Business Circle Plan

A business mobile plan that connects your work force effectively...

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The New Business Circle Plan

The business prepaid mobile plan that gives you postpaid benefits.

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The Entrepreneur Plan
The complete package that will help you get your new business off the ground...
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The Executive Plan Plus

The plan that gives you a gold number, a free smartphone, 30,000 Air Miles, and thousands of minutes.

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The Business Plan
Our new Business Plan is packed with loads of data, talk time, and discounted .calls.
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Business Super 600-G
The Business Super 600-G comes with Google AdWords, plus plenty of minutes and data benefits – expanding your reach to potential customers online.
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The Executive Plan
The Executive Plan is designed for the business trend-setter. Enjoy a mobile plan with an ideal blend of benefits to suit your communication and travel needs
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Business Advantage Plan

​​For the first time in the UAE. A service that rewards you the more you stay.

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Find the perfect mobile plan that suits your business needs.

Business Mobile

Multi Sim

Multi-SIM gives you the flexibility to have one mobile number active on up to five SIM cards, in five separate devices all at the same time.

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Her Business Super Plan

Choose our business mobile plan with super benefits for woman entrepreneurs in the UAE...

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Business Super Plan
Business Super Plan gives you more than triple the value back on your monthly fee...
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International Business Plan
Stay connected globally and pay local rates with our International Business Plan.
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