•  ​You can use keypad for?

  1. Press "disarm" to disarm the system
  2. Press "away arm" to away arm the system
  3. Press "home arm" to home arm the system
  4. Press "panic" to set off panic alarm

  • Built-in signal LED indicator
  • Battery operation, lifespan 1-2 years
  • Remote distance:>100 meters (in open space)

New intrusion sensor

Complete unique new design wireless magnetic contact sensor, low-voltage reporting and smart zone function to remind door/window are open. Magnetic contact with anti-tamper, smart bracket design for easy installation.

Receiver and make phone call

Press"OK" button to pickup the phone call,or make phone call via keypad directly. You can use it as a portable GSM cellular phone.With special design desktop/wall mounted bracket.

Self-monitoring app

Monitor and control your security system via text message or our Android app. Without sign monitoring contract,perfect for home security and avoiding expensive monitoring fees.

Technical Information

​Standard package for GP6000-Ultimate

Door lock

Do you want to control door lock or want the system working with DVR or other video surveillance system? It contains one smart output, smart output can be controlled via keypad and SMS.

                   One GSM/PSTN alarm panel

  • Smart touch keypad with message LCD display
  • Working with SIM card and telephone line, automatically switch
  • Calender, five personal emergency phone numbers
  • One central monitoring station phone number
  • Alarm notification via phone call or SMS.
  • Extra SMS phone number for system's status.
  • Alarm memo, entry delay, exit delay
  • Hybrid alarm, 30 wireless zones, 4 wired zones.
  • Advanced zone attribute, user-friendly zone names.
  • Temperature display and signal output
  • Relay output can be controlled by SMS or APP.
  • Automatically Arm/Stay Arm/Disarm
  • Support user code and installer code
  • 100 alarm log
  • Reset factory design
  • Built-in speaker and Microphone
  • Remote two-way intercom
  • Built-in siren
  • SMS alert, when system: Arm/Disarmed, sensor's low battery, AC power failure, phone line disconnect.
  • Alarm communication via ADEMCO Contact ID protocol.
  • Backup rechargeable battery, last more than 8 hours
  • Work with CCTV system, IP camera

GP6000 - Ultimate

Aesthetic cutting edge design

You will not regret to purchase and use this alarm panel, the beautiful, slim and elegant alarm panel design will attract you. The smart touch keypad with vivid back-light.

      One Wireless magnetic contact (Rechargeable Battery)

  • Come with one smart wireless magnetic contact, suitable for a typical residential house
  • Reliable intrusion detectors, can work for doors and windows...etc entry points
  • Working as perimeter protection
  • Reliable performance, high quality reed switch
  • Built-in signal LED and low-power LED indicators
  • Working with AA 1.5V battery, easy to replace. (included in standard kit)
  • Come with adhesive tape for installation

Wireless communication

30 wireless zones, all sensors and accessories connect to alarm panel via radio frequency, sensors are operated with battery, without cable connection and wiring for easy installation.

How it works?

The standard kit contains motion sensor, door/window sensor, wireless remote keyfobs. All these sensors are connecting with alarm panel via wireless frequency. The touch alarm panel is equipped with Quad-band GSM frequency GSM/GPRS cellular communicator. It allow user program up to five emergency phone numbers. Once an alarm is triggered, the system will notify these phone numbers in Auto voice dialing phone call or text message(SMS)

Home Arm Mode

When you activate system in Home mode, only the perimeter zone is Armed. You can use the Home Arm Mode, when you are asleep so any attempted break-in would set the alarm off.

Advanced two way communication

This system is built-in microphone and speaker, allowing two way communication,not only monitoring the onsite voice, but also talking to alarm system for alarm verification.

Backup with battery

Equipped with backup battery for ensuring the system is working under 7*24 hours, even external electricity is failure. The wireless sensors and accessories are powered/operated with long-life battery, which can provide long service life the sensors.

GSM cellular with PSTN

Working with SIM card and telephone line. Equipped with Quad-band GSM cellular communicator, support five emergency phone numbers, sending text message and make phone call.


Two way intercom function, makes phone call and receive call from alarm panel, built-in thermostat smart temperature control with output, extra SMS/Alarm control output, 30 wireless zones, elegant cutting edge design.

The Unifore G60-Ultimate is the latest design wireless alarm system represents a new way to home security. The system is a "do-it-yourself" system that has advanced functions and yet easy to install, and that you can remotely control anywhere with your smartphone. It comes with smart phone app and allow user to arm/disarm, checking system's status and get notified with alarm alerts including intrusion, fire, environment (flood, carbon monoxide, combustive gas, temperature).

                   One Wireless PIR motion sensor

  • Wireless wide angle PIR motion sensor
  • Detection angle:110 degree, distance: 12 meters
  • Anti-white light, RF interference design
  • Alarm delay setting, LED ON/OFF setting
  • With wall mount installation bracket
  • Wireless technology, 433MHz,100 meters
  • Come with 9V battery, last for more than three years

Emergency speed dial function

The alarm keypad with emergency, medical, burglar speed dial function button for summon aid in an emergency. Extra two user define quick dial button(eg: the person that needs to be notified in case of an emergency, a carer, Mum or Dad).

Built-in temperature sensor

Thermostat function, equipped with temperature sensor, displaying temperature real-time, allow user to set temperature control output, working with smart applications.