MyFACE350 - Face Time Attendance&Access Control

Product Superiority

Software and Configuration

Software and Configuration

Hanging installation

On the wall of the apart from the ground 1.15 meters
installed side by side two standard M3 bolts. Two bolt
center distance between 60-70 - mm, center line parallel
to the ground.Install the machine on the back of the two
bolt holes are aligned, will hang up machine

Cloud Hosting Attendance System

Face Recognition Attendance

The new facial recognition technology, Infrared identification.
Dual cameras three-dimensional high-definition stereo imaging,
Real recognize faces, put an end to generation card punch. Ensure
the attendance of true and accurate.

Password Attendance

Fingerprint Attendance

Hd screens, friendly interface

A new attendance

1.Real-time access records

2.Real-time cloud attendance

3.Real-time cloud management

Desktop put to use

Attendance machine adopts the triangle
three-dimensional appearance design, it
can be placed in the front desk on the
desktop or other platforms used directly,
without additional installation