The Key Features

  • RXA6000 - Pro alarm control panel
  • Stylish, modern design with touch-pad
  • Professional LCD display with user-friendly menu
  • 30 wireless zones and 4 hard-wired zones
  • Recording video and audio when alarm is triggered
  • With SD card slot for local video storage
  • Up to 32GB storage size
  • Equipped with microphone and speaker
  • Two way voice communication
  • Support hand-free phone call
  • Automatically Away Arm/Stay Arm/Disarm 85dB internal siren
  • Built-in temperature sensor for real time temperature monitoring
  • Work with different kinds of wireless sensors
  • Allowing 5 personal phone numbers for alarm receiving
  • Extra SMS phone number for receiving system's status
  • Alarm notification via phone call and SMS
  • Offering smartphone apps for Android, iPhone
  • Self-monitor your property via your smartphone
  • One central monitoring station phone number
  • ADEMCO Contact ID (CID) compliant
  • Backup rechargeable battery
  • With Alarm input/output for working with IP camera, CCTV, NVR.

Reliable alarm connection

Equipped with Quad-band frequency GSM communicator, working with both telephone line and GSM SIM card for reliable alarm connection. Hybrid zone design, including 30 wireless zones and 4 hard-wired zones, working up to 116 units wireless sensors.

RXA6000-Pro is a wireless portable system that can provide monitoring without hard-wired connection. The system can be used to monitor and protect your residential, apartment, office, cottage, garage, boat, RV or camper and more.

Camera with motion detector

The camera features built-in motion detector to trigger the camera's activity. It is equipped with both wireless transmitter and receiver. The camera can record the video and audio into local SD card which up to 32GB. It can be used to work with wireless alarm systems for triggering alarm. It's powered by rechargeable battery for continues protection

Wireless DIY alarm system with video audio recording

Wireless technology

Offering wide range of wireless sensors to work with this system, the sensors are operated with replaceable battery. Easy to install and setup, no drilling holes on the wall, and no any hard-wired connection.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x GSM Alarm Control Panel
  • 1 x Wireless Hidden Camera with Motion Sensor (included with SanDisk 4GB SD Card)
  • 1 x Wireless Door/Window Sensor
  • 2 x Wirelss Remote Control
  • 1 x AC/DC Adapter
  • Bracket, Manual, Accessories


Are you looking for 24 hour protection of your property but with very easy installation and no monitoring fee? The RXA6000-Pro self-monitoring security alarm kit adopts the smart home technology allows you to protect your property from intrusion, fire, gas leak, flood and panic. The system not only can notify users while adopting the reliable cellular technology, but also can record the video (with audio) footage in local SD card, and the maximum storage size up to 32GB.

This alarm kit comes with latest self-contained alarm panel which adopts sensitive touchpad design, and professional LCD display with embedded user-friendly menu for intuitive usage. All the equipment are adopting wireless technology, installation is easy enough for any kind of homeowner to do it all by him or herself. The alarm panel is equipped with Quad-band GSM communicator as its core component for offering reliable alarm connection.Type your paragraph here.

Do-it-yourself, easy installation

Easy install and control with APPBuilt-in GSM communicator, support remotely SMS control, easy to install within 30 minutes. Offering free iPhone/iPad and Android APP, control and configure the system in anywhere with your smart phone.
Monitoring your home or business without your smart phone in anywhere.

How does it work?

This DIY alarm kit operates through a modern and intuitive GSM alarm panel with new design wireless PIR motion hidden camera. The system can not only can perform the traditional functions like intrusion deterrention, but also can keep the video footage with audio recording in local storage SD card.

The standard kit comes equipped with a self-contained control panel, wireless PIR motion sensor with hidden camera, a door/window sensor, and two remote controls. User can setup the alarm system just as you would any wireless alarm setup. Place the wireless motion sensor in the corner of the room to cover the zone in which you want the most coverage and essential pathway for intrusion breaches, the door/window sensor installed some entry-point doors/windows. Once any of sensors are tripped, the system will trigger the alarm, and the video camera can automatically record the video footage (with sound), the system will notify user instantly via auto dialing voice call or text message.