Security Surveillance, Access Control, Time Attendance, Duress Alarm, Web Server

Linux system, TCP/IP, USB, SD Card, Camera, Multi-touch Screen, 5000 Fingerprint Users.(optional: WIFI or)

  • New version identification speed obviously improved within 0.7 second.
  • Fashion and nice design, installation easily.
  • Multi-touch screen, is easy to add/edit fingerprint, card, password and photos, and set personal verification mode and groups on screen.
  • Send rolling message personalized to user on the screen during his verification successfully.
  • DST is for winter and summer without changing by hand.
  • Duress alarm will call the police stealthily when you have to enter into under threat.
  • Support uploading, downloading and playing MP3 music, photos and message, notice, advertisement.
  • Support wiegand external & internal Proximity / Mifare card reader and printers externally by USB connection.
  • Support to check the timing log by web server via internet.
  • IP protocol and 100M high-speed network Embedded.
  • 1.3 million pixels camera embedded is for taking picture and security surveillance.
  • The optional of WIFI and GPRS are for wireless network.

Layout Diagram:

Time 9


The Time 9 is a touch-screen smart fingerprint terminal developed by Rexto. It is the first generation SFT, and successor to the Time 9. It is particularly marked for high end biometric identification security consumption, such as security surveillance and access control, time attendance, notice, and DST, and duress alarm, and for web server. The Time 9 runs the Linux operating system. The most noticeable difference between the Time9 and its predecessors is the new screen, which incorporates a touch screen that is primarily controlled by a user's fingertips on the multi-touch display, which is sensitive to fingertip contact. It is announced on Nov 25th, 2011, and released in China, Spain, UAE, United States, Peru and Uruguay on Dec 16th, 2011.

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